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Position Rolling in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Position rolling provides one of the most effective methods of learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In position rolling, you focus on sparring in one specific position or technique, to build skills in a controlled and focused way.

As we train BJJ in Raleigh, we integrate position rolling into every session to reinforce the techniques we are learning that day.

Coming after instruction and drilling, position rolling integrates controlled sparring, providing the benefits of repetition, while introducing complexity and variation within the context of the specific position.

As discussed in our recent post about sparring — "Sparring tests the quality of our learning, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in technique. As compared to simply drilling, sparring gives us far more realistic feedback on our timing, footwork, positioning, and technical proficiency."

Position rolling is simply a focused form of sparring. Two practitioners will start in a pre-determined position, such as mount or guard, and will then roll (spar), allowing each person to use positional-specific skills on a fully-resisting opponent. The action resets to the starting position on transitions and submissions, according to rules set by the coach.

The goal is to get concentrated practice to improve techniques, strategies, and tactics within specific positions or scenarios.

For example: do you want to improve your guard retentions skills? Or perhaps you aren't getting submissions from the mount position?

Integrate more position sparring from these positions, and your game is sure to improve.

The video below is an example of position rolling from the guard. Rules: start in the guard position. Reset on a guard pass, sweep, or submission.

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