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Discover the Rhythm of Brazil with Zumba Coach Elisa!

Attention all fitness enthusiasts and dance lovers! Get ready to embark on a fitness journey infused with the vibrant spirit of Brazil as we re-introduce Zumba classes led by the amazing Coach Elisa! 🌟💃

Zumba in Raleigh!

Zumba classes are renowned for infectious energy, passionate music, and mesmerizing dance styles. Get ready to groove to a variety of pulsating beats that will take you on a musical journey to Latin America and all around the world.

While it feels like a dance party, make no mistake: this class is a full-body fitness workout. Expect to sweat and feel the burn!

Our Zumba classes will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm, starting next week.

🌟✨ To sign up for a Zumba classes, simply Book a Class online or give us a call at (984) 269- 5538.

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