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Training Complete Fighters

At Fight Flow Academy, our goal is to provide programs and an environment that provide everything you need to become a complete and well-rounded fighter:

  • Extensive classes on striking. We work with you on your technique and your conditioning in multiple class formats.

  • Kickboxing: technical classes in Muay Thai, and kickboxing fitness to build strength and endurance.

  • Mid-range techniques and takedowns

  • Instruction for MMA competition and self defense

  • Ground fighting with Brazilian Jiujitsu and no-gi grappling classes.

  • In addition to our extensive weekly class schedule, we offer a full 24 hour gym, allowing you to meet all of your training needs in one place.

The mix of classes covers all hand-to-hand fighting ranges, and offers program options to fit individual goals. While some members are working toward competition, others are seeking a fun full-body workout that burns a lot of calories! Still others are focused on developing self defense capabilities, for personal safety and to protect loved ones.

Fortunately, all of our classes are going to improve your skills and your fitness level. But if you have specific goals, talk to us so we can work with you to design the most effective program possible.

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