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The Benefits of Partner Training for Boxing and Kickboxing

For those working to improve boxing or kickboxing skills, training with a partner is indispensable for building more precise techniques.

Working with a partner holding focus mitts or Thai pads, we can practice dynamic and realistic movement, footwork, and spacing. Pad work help us improve our striking form and accuracy, as we work on developing combinations that flow naturally.

Focus mitts are particularly useful for developing speed and laser targeted punches. Working with your training partner, repetitive combos on the mitts start to develop a rhythm and pace as muscle memory develops.

Thai Pads allow us to combine punches, kicks, elbows, and knees, providing a heavier workout that builds power while reinforcing effective movement patters.

Beyond the benefits for technique, hitting pads or mitts with a partner is just good fun. Come on down to the gym to give it a try!

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